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During courses organized by Belgrade Code Academy our students have the opportunity to master some of the most widely sought after programming languages in the world:

Basic iOS

One of the latest programming languages with huge potential, Swift is the go to choice for entry into the world of programming for an increasing number of programmers around the world. Learn to create applications for iPhone, iPad and any other Apple product. Boost your career to an unprecedented level of success! Previous experience is not prerequisite. You will certainly enjoy this fun and interesting adventure.

Advanced iOS

Once you have understood basic concepts and venture into exploration beyond the boundaries of elementary knowledge, you will apprehend just how flexible and dynamic Swift is. During this course, you will get to know advanced and more complex concepts and techniques that will be of considerable value in your future professional life. Sending SMS and iMessage, creating widgets, multithreading and generating navigation routes are just some of the subjects that we will cover in this course, all with one goal - to provide you with practical knowledge and accelerate your application building process.

Basic JavaScript

By virtue of its remarkable flexibility and efficiency, JavaScript has already proven its value and it represents the cornerstone of interactivity we encounter on the web daily. From basic interaction and steps to advanced functionalities and demands, JavaScript and ReactJS are the right tools for the start of your brilliant career.

Find out why Facebook's engineering team created ReactJS, and feel the freedom and power it provides through fun and practical examples.

Launch your career on a world renowned platform and turn your dreams into reality!

Advanced JavaScript

By now, you have already discovered the power and advantages of ReactJS, and we hope you got to love it. In addition to all the loading speed and performances they bring, applications made in ReactJS also make your work considerably faster.

If you are ready to tackle the next level, and you want to become a team leader or improve your monthly income, this is the course for you!

We are moving several steps ahead of using ReactJS as just "view" (UI, template), and during this course we will cover the remainder of MVC concept using Redux and Flux. We will also get to know VueJS, similar and equally powerful platform, which will enable you to find your way around in any conceivable project. Advanced components, unit testing and GraphQL are just some of the topics we will cover from both theoretical and practical perspectives.

JavaScript Mobile

Naturally, there is no real internet presence in our days without mobile applications. Constant development of new platforms and devices, as well as continuous demand for very quick mobile applications, led to development of "universal" applications. Universal or hybrid applications are capable of adjusting to any platform which considerably reduces their overall development time.

Knowledge gained in this course will enable your presence on all mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows) thereby making your career skyrocket with immense speed.

In this course, we will get to know ReactJS and Ionic, two latest and most advanced frameworks aimed at providing the required universality. Previous knowledge of ReactJS and/or AngularJS is desirable.

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